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Pueblo City Hall

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Renovations and moderizing of Pueblo's City Hall and Memorial Hall Building. Finishes are being done inside City Hall and it's looking quite nice. Memorial Hall is in full swing with the most obvious changes seen in the building expansion. - (W.I.P.) 11/13/12

City Hall

Ceiling in First Floor Lobby     Stairs     Marble Walls     Second Floor Lobby    

Third Floor Lobby     Council Chambers Entrance     Council Chambers     Lighting and Reflectors in Council Chambers    

View From Top of Council Chambers     Sconces in Council Chambers     The Dome Above - Taken from Attic    

Memorial Hall

Danger     Expansion Area     Basement Expansion of Memorial Hall     Basement Expansion of Memorial Hall    

Electricians Digging     Stage     View From Control Booth    

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General Contractor: H.W. Houston

Pueblo Electrical Contractor