The ever-expanding rise of electricity has consumers scrambling to find new and intuitive ways to save. We live in an age where electronic devices control a large portion of our life and s too then our corresponding budget. Here are several small ways Pueblo Electric offers to help you shave a few bucks off that bill, especially during the holidays!

1. Use a programmable thermostat- Here in Southern Colorado especially In Pueblo, we know that we can wake up to freezing temps and be at plus 70 degrees by noon. This creates an urge to turn your thermostat up or down throughout the day causing spikes in your heating bill. A Programmable thermostat can save big dollars on your electric bill during the coming winter months.

2. Use energy efficient bulbs- Today’s light bulbs are energy efficient and last substantially longer than the bulbs of yesteryear. There are many community programs that are centered around helping homes in Pueblo and the surrounding area become more energy efficient and provide many of these items for free or reduced cost.

3. Lower the temperature on your water heater- Simply lowering your water heater temperature can help shave dollars off your monthly bill. It is important to note that washing your clothes in cold water aids as well since the water heater requires less energy to heat.

4. If you require daily usage of certain bits of technology around the home, develop a schedule for doing so that your family can cycle off and on together with everyone reminded to unplug or power them down afterward.

5. Use licensed electricians when installing or changing out wiring in your home! As much as it seems to be a no-brainer many people opt for a perceived deal when working on home projects that normally require an electrician in Southern Colorado. This is not only dangerous and illegal; it could create fire hazards that put your hard -earned home investment or worse your family in jeopardy.

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